Lies are gushing from Tory mouths and austerity, rather than being brought to an end, still rips through community after community? The PM has assured the UK that ‘Change’ is around the corner but all we see is £billions being syphoned out of the UK, by Tax avoidance, profit offsetting and overcharging of the NHS.

TORY Technocratic methods indicating their views that the British people are financial assets? A system that cares little for actual people but more for a neoliberal nightmare, that leads many into poverty, debt and homelessness. The Tories have not lost their way, rather they have achieved their wildest dreams, and netted the whole of the Public Purse?

Author: grandadknows

As a 65yr old, I have come to the conclusion that somewhere, in the last 60yrs I have lost twenty years? Where the heck did they go? Starting life in 1956 in the small Spa village, called Askern (Askern Spa), some 9mls north of Doncaster South Yorkshire. Once of ‘West Riding’ fame, Askern became a thriving Spa and was frequented by wealthy Victorians, who wanted to benefit from the natural springs there. (More to follow)...

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