Born in the once popular Victorian Spar village of Askern (Askern Spar), some nine miles north of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, once the West Riding of Yorkshire. 

First home (1956) was a petite single story dwelling, build post Second World War, to house homecoming troops. These ‘prefabricated’ homes, expected to be used for ten years, made from steel sheets on a timber frame with a corrugated roof were insulated with the dreaded asbestos fillers and had steel (single glazed) windows, named Crittall Windows after the renowned post War company. Heated by one open coal fire, which heated a ‘back boiler’ for hot water into the kitchen and bathroom. No radiators, anywhere. 

Winters would pose their own problems, with frost decorating the bedroom walls and casting flower patterns on the windows, it was probably inevitable that I would suffer with chest problems. As children, my two sisters and I would hide beneath our heavy wool blankets and cotton sheets with the first ten minutes forcing us into a tiny ball as the bed gradually warmed up. 

More to come……