As our lives take, what we all think is a turn for the worst, remember that there are thousands (probably millions) of people feeling that life was dealing them the wrong cards? If we all had faith, in each other’s motives, we would know our best chances would be bolstered by a strong community.

Unfortunately, we are undermined by our-selves, our education, our environment, our work, and our government? Constant confirmation of what we ‘cannot do’ and occasionally what we can do, imprints who we will be in the future.

The saving grace, is if our personality drives us away from others and chance serves us opportunity that we can take advantage of? Those ‘guiding’ and teaching us are restrained by financial burdens, doubts in their own abilities, and commitments to their own restricted lives. So often these ‘restrictions’ are enforced by Government and manipulated by the hierarchy of banks, bureaucrats and technocratic speculators, who drive an agenda that cares little for the individual and even less for those who are unable to contribute to a mentality that insists on a ‘return’ from ever unit of its World Order?

Why are we so self restricting? Could it be that those who have ‘inherited’ the wealth, have enslaved us all, into maintaining their own prosperity?

From birth, there is a ‘contract’ signed (birth cert.) for the Crown to be assured of our worth, and for a value to be set aside for the sovereign legislature to raise credit from, enabling the trading and prosperity (in principal) of the Counties of the UK? Unfortunately, these ‘credits’ are suggested to be misappropriated by unscrupulous corporate practices and a hierarchy of those who feel favour is their entitlement?

Should Society ever be able to find security within its own numbers, the current bias could be swayed to provide a modicum of pleasure, in life and a valuable ‘return’ to every human on the Planet? Without a distinct sharing of lifes ‘benefits’ we are fated to continue, onto the treadmill of those within our historic registers.

We all deserve better, we deserve to be respected and to be ‘valued’ for more than a financial return?

Give yourself time, think about those within your community and create the World that encompasses every human. That way you are assured of a life, as happy as anyone’s?


Lies are gushing from Tory mouths and austerity, rather than being brought to an end, still rips through community after community? The PM has assured the UK that ‘Change’ is around the corner but all we see is £billions being syphoned out of the UK, by Tax avoidance, profit offsetting and overcharging of the NHS.

TORY Technocratic methods indicating their views that the British people are financial assets? A system that cares little for actual people but more for a neoliberal nightmare, that leads many into poverty, debt and homelessness. The Tories have not lost their way, rather they have achieved their wildest dreams, and netted the whole of the Public Purse?twitter.com/peterstefanovi2/status/1055141396334686211


The Tory obsession with austerity and their Universal betrayal of humanity, has pushed those on Welfare into despair and turmoil? As Esther McVey MP holds on to her shallow principals and neoliberal brain set, communities throughout the uk are being held to ransom.

Tory and their neoliberal Blairite ‘homies’ has sold out millions of the low paid, disabled and less able families, who are writhing in agony, under the weigh of technocratic demands that take food from their mouths and force them close to the edge of homelessness?

Let’s not assume that the Tory motives are anything but social engineering and efforts to wrench hard earned securities even from those who struggle with basic food costs and keeping their families together. Homelessness is only a weeks Welfare away and Tory insensitivity cannot see the ‘red line’ of poverty. Twitter.com/buttleuk/status/1054638589936615424

Democracy or Oligarchy?

When we see our democracy ‘tormented’ by arrogant and inconsiderate decisions, how do we (all) find a way forward, that considers all in society? We are seeing expanding efforts, to undermine Brexit and the demands for another referendum. Why are we doing this, to ourselves? We lose democracy, at our peril.

The way in which our World has been exploited and abused, by those seeking more and more wealth (power), leaves little to disguise the efforts to remove all rights and stability, from ‘ordinary’ folk. People, being left vulnerable, homeless, starving and persecuted and this in the sixth richest Country, in the World? How can we allow our democratic safety, to be undermined? Without democratic safeguards, we have chaos.

Child Poverty, has spiralled to record levels, as has homelessness, debt and pressures on employment. Agencies, controlling the abilities to work, hourly rate and continuity? Where we have to ‘prove the right’ to work. Employment being reduced to a ‘throw away’ system, where employees have little protection or commitment, within their chosen vocations/skills. Health and Safety being suggested as a priority but, in fact, it is undermined by a lack of commitment to protect employees, or their working environment?

So many contradictions and misnomers being spouted by Government, regarding their direction but the evidence suggests anything but social stability, employment security or debt management?

If ‘we’ can’t slow the current use of PFI Contracts, Agency staffing, degradation of the Public Fund and unreliability of tax recovery, from those exploiting tax avoidance/evasion tactics, we will see our UK become a significant “Oligarchy”. This leading to further degrading of public rights, community security and free health services? Governance by a few mega wealthy Oligarchs will not be contained to Russian shores but to UK countryside, towns, cities and all across the Commonwealth? Commercial protectionism and insular trading policies, will remove the working classes from decision making and future policy.

We have a choice, bring back a socially responsible government, which will ensure the protection of all within its shores and maintain health, utility, education and social care as priorities within their efforts. Our future is in their hands, if they fail to protect society, they fail to protect democracy and in turn Government itself?


A few days on, from my grandson going into hospital, when he had broken his arm.

Two days ago, my grandson, was taken into hospital, after suffering, what the doctors think was a ‘reaction’ to the anaesthetic, used when they set his arm. He had a ‘chest infection’. However, contrary to doctors expectation, the little mite was still running around and shouting (2yr old).

There had been a delay, of some hours, to get an ambulance to him, while at home but that is another story (as they say).

Anyway, my grandson is now in a 1950’s style cot, with bars that stand as tall as him and he is trying to climb out! Doctors won’t let him home,(rightly) because he is using an inhaler and until he is not having to use it, for less that four hours, he must stay in.

My daughter (his Mum), has now been awake for two days straight and is weeping through exhaustion and stress. Last night, she had ‘FaceTimed’ me and she was struggling. Now, being in an Observation Ward, you would think they would be “observed” but as the Ward has two nurses and a doctor, for the whole thing, they are struggling too. The signs of poor investment are all around.

This is just one family, my family, and I know that many thousands more are affected by Tory cuts and manipulation of ‘enemy’ Councils.

I am hopeful that my daughter and grandson will be home today and she can recover her sleep and he can continue his little boy antics? The despair that is consuming our NHS, is deliberate and precise, a deterioration of service designed to provide a weakened monolith, and prime for corporate jackals to seize for profit?


How are Social developments being protected, by this sort of suggested ‘abuse’. Is this not taking the ‘sparkle’ and ‘wonder’ out of ‘make-believe’ and turning it into a gross sexual assault, at any cost? How long will it be, before we are terrified to say “hello” to someone, in fear of being arrested for ‘assault’ or public misconduct?


Steriotyping cannot be right?

Recently, my grandson (2yrs) had an accident, where he came off his little quad bike. Having hurt his arm, he whinged a little but nothing much at all. 

Having seen him, via ‘FaceTime’, I too saw no obvious cause for concern. He was being a typical boy, running round with his siblings and doing everything that a child his age does. 
A little over a week later, he had been at Play-school for a few days and here, there was no problem, until he came home and my daughter noticed him not using his arm and it looking “bent”. 
She took home to her doctors and then to hospital. At A&E, the doctor their made her assessment of his arm and suggested, to my daughter, that she would be contacting Social Services and report her for ‘abuse’. 
This left my daughter in a great deal of stress, she could not believe what this doctor had said. 
Off to the broken bone clinic, where he would get an Xray and treatment. The X-ray showed a serious double break, of both bones in his arm. He would need some manipulating of the arm but that would be enough. He has a cast from his wrist to his shoulder, but still showed no concern or upset about any of it. 
The specialist doctor, suggested that he must have had a “green” break (a cracked bone). The time playing at Play-School must have caused the “weakened” arm to break through. Still no sign of pain was noted. 
My daughter had complained to the doctor there, about the A&E and he had assured my daughter that she could not have known about the break, nor could she have seen the bone break. 
Today, the Social Services visited the PlaySchool and questioned the teacher, who was astounded about the inferences made by the SS Officer. Teacher confirmed how well the children were cared for and how my grandson had been. 
Having completed her ‘investigations’ the SS Officer called my daughter and suggested no further action would be considered but having heard the children playing, in the background, she fealt it relevant to say “ watch what he’s doing, because if he breaks his arm again, YOU WILL BE IN BIG TROUBLE. 
I believe that remark was totally uncalled for and was quite threatening. Apparently, her name will remain on an ‘at risk’ register, until they are sure. 
Steriotyping when visiting a single mum, with four children, is poor practice and has caused far too much worry and strain, on a hardworking mother who loves her children and cares for them with every fibre in her body. 
If this is a demonstration of Social Care, I worry about the future and effectiveness of the Social Service, to support and protect as they should?