Welfare Farewell?

Too many Welfare claimants have been forced into a miserable existence, on Universal Credit. Time has past, promises broken and parliament still failing to halt a austerity that actually kills people?

MP’s have a duty to their constituents and to humanity, to provide safe communities and policy that protects those within it.



Do YOU have mounting problems with Universal Credit? Struggling with your claim for Welfare payments or being reassessed as ‘fit to work’ by inconsiderate/ignorant reviewers?

Don’t suffer in silence. Take your difficulties and force them back on to this irresponsible Tory Party and their Technocratic methods. Your claim deserves more respect and a Tory Gov’t is not going to provide it. Direct Message (DM) Claudia Tanner and let her champion your corner. The more voices, and information she hears the more people will understand the inadequacy of the Tories.

They are known to be inhumane and, as the UN has stated, they are denying millions a decent lifestyle, preferring to encourage homelessness, hunger, poverty and ill health by enforcing a austerity that has no place in the 6th richest Country in the World?

While they live the life of prosperity and privilege, the Public struggle with poverty and an uncertain future.

THE TORIES ARE PUBLIC ENEMY No1twitter.comclaudiatanner/status/1057563051501723648


As our lives take, what we all think is a turn for the worst, remember that there are thousands (probably millions) of people feeling that life was dealing them the wrong cards? If we all had faith, in each other’s motives, we would know our best chances would be bolstered by a strong community.

Unfortunately, we are undermined by our-selves, our education, our environment, our work, and our government? Constant confirmation of what we ‘cannot do’ and occasionally what we can do, imprints who we will be in the future.

The saving grace, is if our personality drives us away from others and chance serves us opportunity that we can take advantage of? Those ‘guiding’ and teaching us are restrained by financial burdens, doubts in their own abilities, and commitments to their own restricted lives. So often these ‘restrictions’ are enforced by Government and manipulated by the hierarchy of banks, bureaucrats and technocratic speculators, who drive an agenda that cares little for the individual and even less for those who are unable to contribute to a mentality that insists on a ‘return’ from ever unit of its World Order?

Why are we so self restricting? Could it be that those who have ‘inherited’ the wealth, have enslaved us all, into maintaining their own prosperity?

From birth, there is a ‘contract’ signed (birth cert.) for the Crown to be assured of our worth, and for a value to be set aside for the sovereign legislature to raise credit from, enabling the trading and prosperity (in principal) of the Counties of the UK? Unfortunately, these ‘credits’ are suggested to be misappropriated by unscrupulous corporate practices and a hierarchy of those who feel favour is their entitlement?

Should Society ever be able to find security within its own numbers, the current bias could be swayed to provide a modicum of pleasure, in life and a valuable ‘return’ to every human on the Planet? Without a distinct sharing of lifes ‘benefits’ we are fated to continue, onto the treadmill of those within our historic registers.

We all deserve better, we deserve to be respected and to be ‘valued’ for more than a financial return?

Give yourself time, think about those within your community and create the World that encompasses every human. That way you are assured of a life, as happy as anyone’s?


Lies are gushing from Tory mouths and austerity, rather than being brought to an end, still rips through community after community? The PM has assured the UK that ‘Change’ is around the corner but all we see is £billions being syphoned out of the UK, by Tax avoidance, profit offsetting and overcharging of the NHS.

TORY Technocratic methods indicating their views that the British people are financial assets? A system that cares little for actual people but more for a neoliberal nightmare, that leads many into poverty, debt and homelessness. The Tories have not lost their way, rather they have achieved their wildest dreams, and netted the whole of the Public Purse?twitter.com/peterstefanovi2/status/1055141396334686211