Democracy or Oligarchy?

When we see our democracy ‘tormented’ by arrogant and inconsiderate decisions, how do we (all) find a way forward, that considers all in society? We are seeing expanding efforts, to undermine Brexit and the demands for another referendum. Why are we doing this, to ourselves? We lose democracy, at our peril.

The way in which our World has been exploited and abused, by those seeking more and more wealth (power), leaves little to disguise the efforts to remove all rights and stability, from ‘ordinary’ folk. People, being left vulnerable, homeless, starving and persecuted and this in the sixth richest Country, in the World? How can we allow our democratic safety, to be undermined? Without democratic safeguards, we have chaos.

Child Poverty, has spiralled to record levels, as has homelessness, debt and pressures on employment. Agencies, controlling the abilities to work, hourly rate and continuity? Where we have to ‘prove the right’ to work. Employment being reduced to a ‘throw away’ system, where employees have little protection or commitment, within their chosen vocations/skills. Health and Safety being suggested as a priority but, in fact, it is undermined by a lack of commitment to protect employees, or their working environment?

So many contradictions and misnomers being spouted by Government, regarding their direction but the evidence suggests anything but social stability, employment security or debt management?

If ‘we’ can’t slow the current use of PFI Contracts, Agency staffing, degradation of the Public Fund and unreliability of tax recovery, from those exploiting tax avoidance/evasion tactics, we will see our UK become a significant “Oligarchy”. This leading to further degrading of public rights, community security and free health services? Governance by a few mega wealthy Oligarchs will not be contained to Russian shores but to UK countryside, towns, cities and all across the Commonwealth? Commercial protectionism and insular trading policies, will remove the working classes from decision making and future policy.

We have a choice, bring back a socially responsible government, which will ensure the protection of all within its shores and maintain health, utility, education and social care as priorities within their efforts. Our future is in their hands, if they fail to protect society, they fail to protect democracy and in turn Government itself?

Author: grandadknows

As a 65yr old, I have come to the conclusion that somewhere, in the last 60yrs I have lost twenty years? Where the heck did they go? Starting life in 1956 in the small Spa village, called Askern (Askern Spa), some 9mls north of Doncaster South Yorkshire. Once of ‘West Riding’ fame, Askern became a thriving Spa and was frequented by wealthy Victorians, who wanted to benefit from the natural springs there. (More to follow)...

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